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About Bee Kept

Bee Kept is located in Southern Middle Tennessee and is owned by Adam and Leslie Martin.  Our bee adventure started using all of the traditional methods taught and promoted by beekeepers and bee clubs all over America.  After failing miserably in our first season beekeeping, we used these failures as opportunities to learn outside of the bee box beekeeping methods.  By season two we changed our beekeeping method and mindset, and utilized more natural and sustainable methods of beekeeping. 

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Learn More Natural Bee Hive Styles

Langstroth Long

The horizontal hive design that incorporates standard deep Langstroth frames.

Layens Hives

European style hive designed to mimic a more natural comb shape and size. Better for the bees and the beekeeper.

Swarm Traps

Did you know that you can catch a swarm of feral bees in your own backyard?!?

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Not sure where to begin? Join us in an upcoming class and learn everything you need to get started keeping bees naturally. From the types of hives, how to catch a swarm, what to look for when inspecting a hive and more!

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Natural & Sustainable

By catching feral swarms and using horizontal hives

No Sugar
Feed Free

Natures bee food is honey and we leave them plenty

No chemicals
Treatment Free

Large strong colonies of feral honey bees naturally resilient to pests

Foundationless Frames
Foundationless Frames

Allowing bees to build natural comb in order to pursue small cell size

Bee Informed!

Join us for a weekly conversation about Natural and Sustainable Beekeeping!

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