BK Bee Club

From: $10.00 / month

The more people learn about natural beekeeping, the more they ask how to find a beekeeper in their area who manages bees in a natural and sustainable method.  This subscription will help! It is a remote Bee Club and Mentorship program to help you on your beekeeping journey.  This Club will specifically focus on managing bees in horizontal hives, trapping feral swarms, and encouraging each other to “Let Bees Be Bees.”


BK Bee Club subscription includes:

Monthly online bee club meetings via Zoom or Facebook Live.

Individual mentorship from Adam via text messages, emails, and Facebook Live events.

Opportunities to win free beekeeping gear, classes, and Boot Camps.

10% off of all beekeeping related items including tools, supplies, and classes.

5% off of all hive boxes, swarm traps, and frames.

Videos and tutorials on a members only Facebook page and close friends Instagram Stories.

Subscriptions can be paid monthly with a recurring automatic payment, or paid with a one-time yearly payment.


Subscription price does not include surcharge to process credit cards.

Bee Kept reserves the right to change discounts at any time.



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