The Dearth, Robbing Season, and the Dreaded Yellow Jacket

Every year across most of the earth, honey bees experience a nectar and pollen dearth.  This event occurs when the honey bees (and other pollinators) run out of forage during the summer between the drying of the spring blooms and the start of the fall nectar flow.  This is also the time when conventional beekeepers prop up their bees by feeding

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Bee Trees

Once you get into bees and people start to find out you are a beekeeper, you immediately start getting calls about bees.  Bees in house walls, bees in bushes, bees in the ground, and bees in a tree.  When I get a call like this I immediately start asking questions to find out if these

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Bees Know What To Do!

This post is a continuation in a series on the “Central Commandments to Natural Beekeeping.”  You can read all eight commandments in the post titled Sustainable Beekeeping, and you can read more about the first four commandments in Swarm Traps and Horizontal Hives and Let The Bees Eat Honey. Number 5…“Only propagate your bees naturally, through

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