Let The Bees Eat Honey

This post is a continuation in a series on the “Central Commandments to Natural Beekeeping.”  You can read about the first two commandments in the blog post Swarm Traps and Horizontal Hives.

Number ThreeNever feed your bees sugar.”  
This one is very simple and easy to explain.  Honey IS the best and most healthy food that bees can possibly eat!!!  The end. ????  Seriously, honey made from natural flower nectar has essential minerals and vitamins that the bees need and for that matter, we need when we consume honey.  For the most healthy bees with the best immune system, do not feed your bees sugar water!

Number Four“Don’t bother the bees…”
Unless there is an obvious problem that can be recognized from outside of the hive, do not get into the hive.  This is difficult for curious, new beekeepers as they really want to check on their bees to see what is going on and to make sure they are ok.  There is so much to see by observing the entrance…if the activity is normal and the bees are in a generally good mood without being overly aggressive, they are just fine!  Leave them bee!!!  If you really have the urge to look at bees, volunteer with local bee keepers to help them and they will be glad to let you get into their hives and perform inspections.  This way your bees have a great chance to become well established in their home, and they are allowed to be Bees with the least amount of human involvement…which means you get to enjoy Beeing Kept by bees!

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