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Bee Kept is located in Culleoka, Tennessee and is owned by Adam and Leslie Martin.  Our bee adventure started using all of the traditional methods taught and promoted by beekeepers and bee clubs all over America.  After failing miserably in our first season beekeeping, we used these failures as opportunities to learn outside of the bee box methods.  By season two we changed our beekeeping method and mindset, and utilized more natural and sustainable methods of beekeeping. 

This natural approach allows the bees to be bees. The honey bees do the work of foraging, collecting pollen and nectar, and producing that wonderful superfood… honey!  The bees are not fed sugar water or treated for pests, especially varroa mites.  We want strong, healthy colonies that can survive without our intervention. 

Sustainability is important to us so instead of purchasing bee packages or nucs, we trap feral bees each spring.  The bees we catch have just overwintered in the surrounding woods, in our apiary, or in someone else’s apiary.  Wherever the bees come from locally, these colonies are acclimated to our climate, and most likely have not been fed sugar water.

This method of beekeeping is for anyone and everyone…whether you have never kept bees, live in the city, manage a homestead, are physically challenged, have a fear of bees, or an experienced beekeeper.  There is a different is a different way to keep bees, which is better for the bees and better for the beekeeper.  Beekeeping can be simple, natural, and sustainable…and we can show you how!

Bee Kept offers bee classes to individuals, families, and homeschool groups; mentorship for natural and sustainable beekeeping; and full service beekeeping for those who love bees and want to help preserve honey bee colonies; and Adam speaks at a variety of homestead and natural living conferences.

We would love to hear from you!  Send us a message on the “Contact Us” page. 

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