Sustainable Beekeeping

Bee Kept with a more natural and sustainable way in your own apiary.  I have been reading and rereading, Keeping Bees With A Smile written by Fedor Lazutin.  Having a go-to book that aligns with your ideas on beekeeping is essential, and until I write my book, this is the book I recommend. In this book the author lays out his history and observations and ultimately coming to the conclusion that bees are really good at being bees and the more that we (man) interfere with bees, the worse off we both are. Bees are very adaptable and can overcome everything that nature throws at them as long as man stays out of the way. Bees have been doing a fantastic job for at least 6000 years! In his book, Lazutin gives a list of commitments that someone who wants to keep bees more naturally, has to adhere to. Your either all in or all out when it comes to natural beekeeping. Here is my abbreviated list from the book!

1.  Only keep bees of a local race. Catch feral swarms during swarm season to get your bees.

2.  Keep bees in horizontals hives. It is better for bees and beekeepers.

3. Never feed your bees sugar water. To promote healthy bees, let them eat their honey!

4. Don’t bother the bees. Unless there is an obvious problem that can be recognized outside of the hive, do not get into the hive.

5. Only propagate bees by allowing them to naturally swarm and then catching the

6. Let the bees arrange the order in the hive that they want to.

7. Don’t treat bees for anything. If a hive is too weak to take care of their problems, you don’t want them.

8. Have a mutually beneficial relationship with your bees enjoying the health that comes to you by sharing their honey and encourage others to establish a natural apiary.

That’s it! Natural bee keeping is easy and that’s why I prefer to Bee Kept by bees!!!

~ Adam

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