Online Natural Beekeeping

Adam with Bee Kept is an Instructor for an online Natural Beekeeping class available through the School of Traditional Skills!  Learn a simple way to manage bees from the comfort of your home an ease of your computer.  Follow the link to learn more.

The Beekeeping class through the School of Traditional Skills is a comprehensive class on Natural and Sustainable Beekeeping.  Learn how to catch local, feral swarms in your backyard or on your land, manage bees simply in horizontal hives with minimal maintenance and inspections, and how to let the bees be bees so they can produce the most delicious honey you have ever tasted. This class is for anyone and everyone…whether you have never kept bees, live in the city, manage a homestead, are physically challenged, have a fear of bees, or are an experienced beekeeper…in this class you will learn that there is a different way to manage bees, which can be better for the bees and better for the beekeeper.  This class is for You!

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