The State of Tennessee Honey Bees

Howdy!  Adam here!!!  I read through this article, “The Health of Honey Bee Colonies in Tennessee,” and it continues to reaffirm what many of us have realized and are realizing!  Why do we continue to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result?  Modern, western, commercialized, industrialized beekeeping is bad for bees and is all about making the almighty dollar.  In my opinion, these methods that man has developed and has used to keep bees are the single largest reason for colony collapse.  Yes…herbicides, pesticides, cellular networks all have had an effect.  But feeding bees sterilized white granulated sugar mixed with chlorinated water is bad for bees.  Forcing bees to build large cell brood combs for bigger bees encourages varroa mite infestation.  Nectar has essential vitamins and minerals that the bees need for their health and those same vitamins and minerals…WE need in our honey!  When you peruse the article, also note the location of the biggest increase in colonies between 2021-2022.  Missouri is the home of loads of beekeepers including Dr. Leo…where bees are kept in the woods, in horizontal hives, without treating or feeding bees!

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